Photo Albums

Place your long-lasting memories in artistic and extraordinary objects. Our albums are available in four models and two formats: Cameron & Wilson (30x30 cm) e East & West (20x20 cm).


  • Cameron & East Blank pages for printed and assembled photographs. We acknowledge that the photo assembling could take some time, so, if you want, MH Studios can print and assemble the photos for you (extra cost).

  • Wilson & West Album with photos printed directly on the paper with extremely high resistance to the actions of time. Photo layout is included in the price.


  • Slipcover Adding sophistication and personality, the jacket slipcover is a lidless box that wraps around MH Studios’ albums. The jacket slipcover is necessary for albums that will be stacked or kept under an item of any significant weight.

  • Trinity & Foster Boxes Entirely handmade, Trinity and Foster are boxes with a loose acrylic lid for storing your MH Studios photo album. A design piece made to protect your photo album and, at the same time, lay out the art on the cover.

Matéria-prima e confecção:

Todos os itens MH Studios são feitos com matéria-prima 100% natural e são fabricados artesanalmente. Nossos objetos celebram o talento e a expertise dos artesãos brasileiros.

Photo Albums

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