Maria Cristina's Osteria

For the launch of Trent Planner 2023 (available only in Portuguese), we brought Osteria Maria Cristina to life. And why 'Osteria Maria Cristina'? The term osteria comes from the word oste, from the old French ostesse, which in turn derives from the Latin hospite, guest in English; in Italy, an osteria was originally a simple place where the owner served wine to his customers in an intimate and casual way.

Our Osteria brought a significant piece of the house of Maria Helena, our Creative Director, who kindly donated part of her collection of menus, books and objects to decorate the walls of our kitchen. In addition, of course, to the savoir-faire that is so unique. And who is Maria Cristina? The matriarch of all this Maria Helena hunger: her mother. A foodie who always encouraged her to try the most diverse delicacies and in her she nurtured a huge appetite, not just for food, but for life and for everything that exists under heaven.

Matéria-prima e confecção:

Todos os itens MH Studios são feitos com matéria-prima 100% natural e são fabricados artesanalmente. Nossos objetos celebram o talento e a expertise dos artesãos brasileiros.

Maria Cristina's Osteria

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